Also known as Prophylactic Physical Therapy, this is a form of exercise that aims to prevent the onset of symptoms or even pathologies. It is designed to alleviate back pain caused by prolonged periods of poor posture, balance muscle tension, prevent injuries and muscle imbalances, and improve mobility, stability of the spine and other joints, posture, concentration and stress management.

To see the full benefits of this therapy, it is important to attend regular one-on-one sessions over an extended period of time. These sessions are tailored to target specific areas of concern and to ensure that progress is made in achieving the desired outcome. With a consistent approach and commitment, individuals can expect to see significant improvement in their overall well-being.

Preventive Gymnastics is a proactive approach to maintaining physical health and preventing the onset of pain or injuries. By focusing on proper posture, alignment, and muscle balance, this type of therapy can help to improve overall mobility and flexibility, reducing the risk of injury and chronic pain. Additionally, attending our On-Site Prophylactic Physical Therapy sessions can help to improve mental focus and manage stress, making it an ideal option for those who spend long hours sitting or standing at work. The key to success with this therapy is consistency, and regular sessions are recommended to achieve the best results.